Taught by a certified Black Belt Instructor, each class is uniquely planned to feature self-defense techniques, endurance training, and character building. This ensures that students are not only getting in incredible shape, but also learning valuable, and potentially life-saving, lessons each class.


For a high intensity, full body workout, join our Kickboxing Fitness Class! By combing calisthenics and heavy striking, this class will burn fat, tone muscle, and have you looking like a pro on the bag. Stay in the zone with curated playlists that are designed to match your workout pace. In keeping with our culture of community, we take (and highly recommend submitting!) song suggestions from members to integrate into our playlist.

Lil Octopi Self-Defense School

Lil Octopi Self Defense School is for children ages 5-8 years old. This exciting program will have your lil octopi burning lots of energy as they have a blast doing fitness workouts and learning the fundamental basics of Krav Maga: punching, kicking, and defending.....


This is a great program for kids (ages 8-12) and teens (13-17). In addition to the general fitness component, this program introduces and refines key components of Krav Maga including, strikes, take-downs, ground work, and defensive maneuvers ...